Inclusive Leadership: The Essential Leader-Follower Relationship (Applied Psychology Series)

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This landmark book, by Edwin P. Hollander, a noted organizational social psychologist and long-time contributor to leadership research and practice, highlights the leader-follower relationship as central to effective leadership. Inclusive Leadership is a process of active followership emphasizing follower needs and expectations, with the guiding principle of Doing things with people, not to people, in a two-way influence relationship. The book provides strong theoretical and empirical guidance for leadership development and includes many of Hollanders key original papers. Each is updated in a chapter with his new reflective commentary, including those on Interdependence, Women and Leadership, Power and Leadership, Legitimacy, Ethical Challenges, Idiosyncrasy Credit, and Civil Liberties. Six new chapters begin with an Overview of Inclusive Leadership, identifying distinctive concepts and practices, and an Historical Background. There also are new chapters on such topics as Applications, Presidential Leadership, and College and University Leadership. It concludes with Lessons from Experience, a revealing Afterword on his career, and comprehensive Bibliography.

Enriching our practical understanding of the leader-follower relationship, with many real-world examples, this book should be a basic addition to anyones library on leadership. Students of leadership, management, organizational psychology and behavior, business, sociology, education, political science, and public policy, will find it informative about successful practices of Inclusive Leadership, and their applications to leadership events.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review