Dads Who Killed Their Kids True Stories About Dads Who Became Killers And Murdered Their Loved Ones

Dads Who Killed Their Kids True Stories About Dads Who Became Killers And Murdered Their Loved Ones

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Dads Who Kill

What would drive a father to murder his own children? The idea of anyone killing a child, especially a parent, is incomprehensible. Still, it happens and when it does the country goes into shock.

Dads are meant to give their life for their children, not selfishly take the lives of their children.

Why Do They Commit These Acts Of Maternal Filicide

The motives behind such crimes arent always straightforward. Mental health issues are often at play, although sometimes jealousy, anger, and even embarrassment can come into play. In many cases, the father, someone who has traditionally been supposed to take care of the family and provide for them, feels a sense of failure and kills his children (and often his wife) to save them.

Regardless of the why behind the crimes, it still does not leave you with a feeling of understanding. For most, there is never a reason that could justify such an action, let alone be forgiven for it.

Beyond Child Abuse

John List, a notorious murderer, took nearly twenty years to track down, killed his entire family and left their bodies in the house while he went on to start another life. At the time, he was facing unemployment, debts, and other stressors. He resisted against killing himself because, as a devoutly religious man, he was afraid he wouldnt go to Heaven where he wanted to be reunited with the loved ones hed killed.

Thomas Bonny shot his 19-year-old daughter, Kathy, twenty-seven times. His defense attorney claimed he had Multiple Personality Disorder and, therefore, not completely aware of what he was doing at the time.

One of the most famous cases revolving around a father murdering his child is that of Ronald Clark OBryan, aka the Candyman. He poisoned his son on Halloween with a cyanide-laced pixie stix. He endangered the lives of several other children by giving them poisoned candy as well stating it was from someone else. It was determined he killed his child for the insurance money.

Christian Longo, on the other hand, killed his three children and wife after suffering through one financial burden and mistake after the other. He was found in Mexico, impersonating a New York Times journalist, making the case that much odder.

In the following book, well look at these cases and more. What drives a father to murder his children? What could his defense possibly be? And what is the aftermath of these crimes? Any childs death is a tragedy because it is a life snuffed out too soon. When the murderer is your own father, though, it becomes a different kind of horror.

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